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One Voice has investigated 6 French mink fur farms

The minks are suffering. They are going crazy from boredom in uncomfortable and dirty cages, no water in sight, far removed from their semiaquatic natural habitat.

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These farms are prisons. The minks are piled up, surrounded by their own excrement.

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Some minks escape. They want to live, but they often lose their lives. Sometimes falling victim to the dog who lives on the farm.

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Our investigation report


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Icon actions Action

To ban mink farms in France

Act alongside One Voice to ban the farming of minks and all other animals for their fur. Write to Stéphane Travert, the minister of Agriculture

Icon sondage OPINION POLL

The French don’t want fur

In August 2016, IPSOS conducted a poll for One Voice on the French views on farming of animals for fur in France.

Sondage 1

For a clear majority of French people (58%), animal fur is associated with cruelty

Sondage 2

4 out of 10 French people will not buy an item of clothing or an accessory if it contains animal fur

Sondage 3

1 French person out of 2 would like to see the closure of fur farms

Sondage 4

91% of French people are in favour of the creation of a label “not containing animal fur”.

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